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Word families. Word formation.
How to play lego with words

Being a philologist it is not only about learning language issues and rules, but also about having an incredible chance to create your own words with new meanings. You see, the methods we use to generate new words are quite simple.

 As you may know, England was rulled by different countries throughout its great history. The thing is that each country influenced England and its language and phonetics in a multitude of ways. For example, according to historical chronology, England was under the rule of Roman Empire for nearly 400 years and during this time Romans remarkably influenced English language by adding to active usage such Latin and Greek roots as: vid-, psyco-, pone-, con-, phon- and many others.

So, if you are up to synthesize some new words, be sure to revise all of them and develope your potential to the maximum. Also, wether you are a mono- or multilingual person, don't be afraid of experimenting with various of those roots and even prefixes transfered from other languages, in such way you will have more chances to create something really unique and authentic.

Upstream Upper-Intermediate B2+ Student's Book
Self-Assesment Module 3
Mapping the Past and the Present

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Learning in Internet
How to enhance your vocabulary using Internet!

Hey, my dear someone!
   It is quite new for me to write to my ancestor who lived 20 years ago and imagined things in different way then they are now. Besides, I want to tell you about various tools, which we use while learning English language to achieve goals
, which we set for ourselves. By using such tools you'll find out, that you can study with remarkable ease and it won't take a lot of time to accomplish different tasks.
     Enhancing your vocabulary is important stage in learning language, so in this letter I provide you with complex of tools, which are efficient methodsof learning new words:

1. Just the Word
This tool helps you to find and choose a great variety of collocations and constructions for active usage and on different topics. You Just type The Word and make a choise.

2. Quizlet
Another one online tool which helps to concentrate your mind on interactive learning. You can create different quizlets and by playing them you will brush up on your active vocabulary. With this one you'll definitely won't be out of practice.

This is one of my favourite tools. Using Memrise you can learn not only English, but many other languages too. If you want to become a successful learner you should give it a try and make the most of this tool. Memrise is a good alternarive for boring exercises, so don't miss chanse to make improvement in mastering English vocabulary.

4.Word Machine
It is a typing game which will make you recall words which you thought you never know. This is the tricky one, because as you start the game words will be slipping your mind and you won't be able to recollect even a simple word and this makes this game even more intresting!

This type of a game gives you a chance to master yourself in knowing definitions. A nice opportunity to reck your brains and with every new try you will make progress, that's for sure!

     There are a lot of other useful websites and games, however it is all up to come in your time, my dear friend. Keep safe and remember "Practice makes perfect!"

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Dictionary Wisdom
How to make friends with your dictionary!

      Learning English language and especially English words is not as easy as that. However, an efficient language learners use their active vocabulary with the remarkable ease, but if you are an amateur you should be aware of how tricky the words in English can be. For instance, one word can have at least three more meanings besides the main one, so you have to be quite accurate using the word with appropriate meaning in the right context.

      Still we are lucky enough, because we have dictionaries. Make the most of working with the dictionary, be enthusiastic while learning and you will success in building your vocabulary. Of course, you will strive to do your best, but it's never redundant to use some tips in order to avoid making common mistakes, so here are some:

  1. SHOW YOUR MANNERS! Use your dictionary in the way it has to be used - for learning! He hasn't done anything bad to you, so respect him as he tries to help you to become smarter.
  2. GUESS, GUESS, BUT DO NOT MAKE MISTAKES. There is no doubt, that you are a one smart cookie and may know many words, but sometimes it is better to look up for a word in your paper friend.
  3. GET ACQUAINTED WITH YOUR DICTIONARY.  Learn how to use your dictionary, find out its secrets and you will make the most of using it.
  4. IT IS NOT ONLY ABOUT WORDS. Many dictionaries have some interesting grammar and lexical tips and techniques, which could be an alternative to the commonly used one's. So instead of being ordinary, be different with the assistance of your dict.
  5. MAKE NEW FRIENDS! It is important to have a few dictionaries to select the most suitable word for you. It is essential, because not every dictionary can provide a sufficient definiton for a word you a searching for.
      English is one of the richest languages and it is qiute challenging to know all the words, so sometimes it happens that you just can't remember the word as it should be written or pronounced.  As for me such word is "exciting".

Exciting /ɪkˈsaɪ.tɪŋ/ making you feel excited.

Also, there are some words I often confuse, for instance historic and historical;
1.Historic - something important to the course of history
2.Historical - something related to history.
Examples:1. Chester visited the beach in Kitty Hawk where the Wright brothers made their historic first flight.
2. The Battle of Trafalgar is one of the most famous historical event in XIX century.

The fact is that English language daily inriches with 14 new words. The brand new one's are:
Brain fade(n) - it is a temporary inability to concentrate or think clearly.
BAE - it is an acronym for "Before Anyone Else" and refers to a person's boy- or girlfriend.
Air punch(n) - an act of hitting upwards with your fist to show that you are happy because you have done something successfully.

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Vocabulary is your weapon.
Use it effectively.

       Contemporary English is filled with new words, collocations, phrasal words and other intresting things. And it is very important to catch up with these items, because I believe without them you won't become successesful language learner, even if you have perfect grammar.
       At first you might be quite dazed and confused, because English vacabulary counts more that 1.4 billion words (GLM statistics) and a new word is added every 98 minutes, it is approximately 15 words per day. Impressive, huh? However, you don't need all 1.4 billion words to be understood and able to speak fluently, you need only 8000-10000 words in your vocabulary an half of them must be actively used. As you already could understand it won't come with a remarkable ease, you have to work hard enriching your vocabulary to be a sufficient learner.
       Of course, it is hard to catch up with all the word and you won't make it at once, but there are various techniques and methods which will help you in your attempts. The old poverb sais - Many man, many minds, so it's up to you what method or technique you will choose, but here are some reccomendations:

  • Always try to put down an unfamiliar word or phrase when you hear it somewhere to examine it later at home.
  • Provide sufficient deffinitions. Even if the word is familiar, try to explain it in your own words, for you to know for sure that you are able to use this word in future.
  • Examples are required. Often words in English have more than one meaning, because of its usage in different life spheres. Examples will help you to clarify the meaning and use the word in the correct way.
  • Use colours for different word types. It will be much easier to distinguish the collocations, phrasal verbs or even parts of speech using colourful markers for the word classification.

  • If you don't know how to say a word or a phrase in a correct way - use transcriptions to be clear with pronunciation.

  • The synonym power! As I've already said, word in English language can have many shades of meaning, so it will be useful for you to have a couple synonyms in your vocabulary arsenal to sound more convincing.
       Here are few my examples. And remember PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.